Being a Catholic during an election year

As Catholics, an election year is challenging as we often find ourselves straddling the bi-partisan fence, so to speak. Of primary importance to us is the subject of life. I believe, as our Church teaches, that we must do everything possible to preserve life from the moment of conception to natural death.

While we have many issues facing our country today, such as the economy, foreign policy, and healthcare, none is as important as life. For without life, nothing else matters. Without life, we have no need to worry about the economy, or foreign policy or healthcare. If we don’t respect life from the beginning to the end–we have no country to fight for because we have lost the essence of our country that was founded on Christian principles.

Despite that, I am not so engrained in conservatism that I ignore the need for social justice, or  affordable and effective healthcare. But where are the pro-life democrats? Why aren’t they running for the office of the Presidency? Why is it, that only republicans seems to advocate for pro-life issues? And why is it, that this republican party, of whom I most closely relate, is so quick to permit the death penalty? Or quick to draw arms against another?

In my perfect world, I would find a candidate who was pro-life first and work on the other issues second.  And when I say pro-life, I mean for everyone. We seem to differentiate between types of life and placing value on certain people as to where they are in regards to useful purpose on this earth.

We can kill our unborn, but not our babies. A pregnant woman can have an abortion with no questions asked; but if someone harms her and the unborn baby dies, we call this murder. We do all we can to save a young person struggling with cancer, but are quick to push euthanasia on our elderly, or seriously disabled.

We can scream about a prisoner’s rights, yet we vote to execute. Is it really important to execute someone because they killed another?

We can speak of human rights for the marginalized throughout the world, and act generously to help them, yet we think nothing of blowing up adversarial sects in other countries.

Pardon me, if I do not comprehend this. I understand that there are necessary times of war, but do we need to search for wars to fight? Are they all worth fighting?

When does two wrongs ever make a right?

What is it in our nature that makes us want to kill and to find numerous ways to justify our choice to do so?

May God help us all.

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