What do you do when you lose trust?

When a lawyer betrays you?
When a doctor lies and covers up?
When friends and family go behind your back?
When those cherished people whom you have given permission to enter into the very essence of the intricacies of your life suddenly turn and choose to slander or commit evil acts?

My first inclination is to hide, then
..to scream
……to cry
…………..to complain
……………….and finally to realize that just because I choose to make moral decisions, doesn’t mean others feel obligated to to the same.

Such a pity it is to be trapped within their stony, self-serving hearts.

I would not want to be them.

Instead, I have to immerse myself in HIM and remember that,

“Indeed, the Word of God is living and effective, 
sharper than any two-edge sword, 
penetrating between soul and spirit, 
joints and marrow and able to discern reflections, and 
thoughts of the heart. —–Hebrews 4:12

For those who have done these things to us–know that we pray for you daily and with all sincerity. There will be a time that you regret your actions.

For us, I know that Jesus suffered so much more than we could ever imagine and we look to Him for all of our strength. By his blood, we will be healed.

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