Essential Oils for good health

For years, I have used essential oils around the house, for home remedies, healing, purifying the air, cooking, massage,  in laundry and in bath products. I can’t imagine my life without them. 

 Last year when I developed the Levaquin toxicity, I began searching for as many  natural products as possible. I try to eat as much organic products, eat an anti-inflammatory diet, and use holistic treatments as much as possible. Although I have a long way to go in recovering from the Levaquin and now, Hashimotos disease, I am confident that using natural methods and bio-identical medications are the way to go. 

Since I am going through a bit of a writing slump at the moment, thought I would let you know about a company that I just became affiliated with. I used to use Young Living products all the time, and while they were great, I had several reasons for discontinuing my use of their oils.  To my amazement, I found this great company doTERRA essential oils and believe they are far superior to any other essential oil company– I am sure you will love them as much as I do. 

Here is some info on their products:

  • doTERRA Wellness Philosophy

 dōTERRA™ Essential Wellness is a company founded on a wellness philosophy of healthy lifestyle choices and informed proactive participation in one’s own healthcare alternatives. dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils and other wellness products are specifically formulated to support a wellness philosophy of eating right, exercising, resting and managing stress, and reducing toxic load. dōTERRA also teaches informed self care alternatives and encourages people to take a proactive role in their medical care. Our mission as a company is to teach people to live more healthy, productive lives and to share with others the blessing of a lifetime of wellness.

  • CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade)

In addition to being 100% pure and natural, dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are subjected to further quality testing that ensures the correct composition of the active natural compounds found in each oil. Even though an essential oil may be 100% pure, if the right species or part of a plant has not been used, or if the plant has not been grown in the right environment or harvested at the right time, or if it has not been distilled under the right conditions, the natural chemical makeup of the extraction will not provide as predictable and powerful a benefit. In some cases, the wrong plant harvested at the wrong time may result in an extract that contains harmful levels of some constituents.

How to sign up with doTERRA!

In order to get to the online application {CLICK HERE}.  This will take you to mydoTERRA website and just so we’re clear…you would be enrolling under me-Karen Mahoney.  I would be honored to be your upline and assist you in learning all about essential oils and optimum health!

At the bottom left corner of the homepage, click on SignUp/Join.

Step 1:  Select Independent Product Consultant.  This level of membership will give you the deepest discount (25% on all products) but will NOT obligate you in any way to sell or buy.  Bonus!  If you enroll as an IPC you will qualify for the: December Only Promotion: FREE Frankincense 15 ml bottle (valued at $93)

Step 2:  Application:  You will see my name at the top of the application, Karen Mahoney

Step 3:  Next, fill out the billing, shipping and contact information forms.  Please take the time to check the contact by email.  These options will allow me to send you even more information on occasion!  

Step 4:  Now you’ll sign up for your new and FREE Virtual Office!  An amazing tool doTERRA provides for all your uses: such as ordering, editing orders and shipping information and, if you so choose…a one stop work place to run your doTERRA business from.  You’ll love your Virtual Office no matter what level you choose!

Step 5:  Terms and Conditions

Step 6:  Virtual Office Usage Agreement

Step 7:   Start up Order Form
This is where you will see a list of the enrollment kits available and what’s in them.  Each enrollment kit has the $35 membership fee rolled into the purchase price.

Should you decide you want to order your own list of oils, that’s possible too!  If this is the case:
  • Select the Introductory Packet from the enrollment kit list.  This is your membership fee of $35.
  • To order separate items, use the Optional Form with 5 lines of pull down menu bars.  
  • Select your items and select a “quantity”.
  • **To qualify for the December Promotion for a FREE bottle of Frankincense -your order must total 200PV or more.
  • Select your preferred shipping method.

  • Step 8:  Loyalty Rewards Offer  (Optional)  This is doTERRA’s monthly Loyalty Rewards Program.  If you’d like to set up an order for next month, feel free to do so!  But, it’s completely optional and you can always go into your Virtual Office later to set up your next order at your convenience!

    Step 9:  Startup Order
    • This is where you will see the order your created.
    • Pay attention to the Total Volume column.  In order to qualify for the**December Promotion, your final selection needs to show a total of 200PV or more.
    Step 10:  Payment method

    Upon successful submittal of your application you’ll be give your new membership ID# and access to your new Virtual Office!

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