Faith beyond understanding

A broken body.
A debilitating illness
An injured spirit.
An aching heart.
the pain of betrayal
angst from those who lie
falsely accused………

Feelings like shards of glass can permeate the spirit of those who suffer
..the temptation to give up
….to fade
………and die are strong

tear stained cheeks
crimson rimmed eyes

We all suffer and not one of us suffer more than the other, for we all have our own crosses to bear. However, we are also called to help one another, through good deeds, kind words, our presence, our love, and our prayers. 

Through it all, we cannot give up. Like the wheat in the field, we bend, we fall, we wilt, and when the rains from heaven come, we rise again and produce our fruit. 

In our deepest, darkest moments, God is with us and wants us to shine like a candle at midnight. Stand tall and spread His light to all, for the way you embrace suffering may be watched by others and used to edify their faith. 

In the end–all suffering will pale as we experience the Beatific Vision

Thanks be to God

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