Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner-book review

Well, I have never read one of Lisa Gardner’s books before, but I am sure this won’t be the last one! It was that good!  The story begins with investigator Tessa Leoni, who is a former Massachusetts state trooper once accused of killing her husband. She is summoned to the scene of an apparent kidnapping.
From a perfect home in a perfect neighborhood, an entire family is missing. The parents, Justin and Libby and their 15-year-old daughter Ashlyn seemed to have vanished without a trace. The only evidence of something awry in the home is scuff marks on the floor, leftover taser ribbons on the floor, and all personal items remain on the kitchen counter. 
The relationship between Justin and Libby seemed perfect, but what is perfect? Tessa knew that most perfect relationships are hardly what they appear. After investigating their backgrounds, she learns taht Justin was unfaithful, and because of that, Libby was thinking about divorce. Justin’s company also seemed to be in financial trouble.
In Touch & Go there is a lot going on that on the surface is pretty enticing, big house, lots of nice things including cars, jewelry, art and the ability to go anywhere and do anything one wants as money seems to be no object. The reality is that there are three people who live together but do not “connect” with one another on more than a very basic level. This leads to secrets, which leads to lies, which ultimately leads to a betrayal so heartbreaking that it is almost too much to bear!
A family is kidnapped, beaten and held; not quite hostages at first but, but that is lorded over them. We meet a wealthy father who is important in the large project building trades, a lovely mother who is a jewelry designer and a sweet, pretty and smart teenager that never causes her parents a moment’s despair. And each one holds within their hearts, a secret. Some secrets are more deadly than others are though.
You never see something right in front of your face until it is too late, for Libby Denbe that truth comes at a great price but also sets her free for the first time in her entire life. For the reader the truth may or may not come as a shock but for sure in getting to it you will enjoy one interesting thrill ride written by an author whose work speaks for itself and never fails to deliver a punch line you never saw coming!

Gardner takes you on a great thriller ride with this book.  The twist and turns are mind blowing and the pace so fast that it is difficult to put down. If you have the opportunity to pick up this book, do it–you won’t be disappointed. 
This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own. 

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