God keeps His promises

It was an ordinary Wednesday this week, though much was on my mind. There was the incredible concern for a friend who is deeply suffering right now, and the worry for my son, who is having difficulty dealing with a few things. Then, the depositions we had the day before, adding another layer of pain to the seven years of trial. Of course, with that is the enormous shackles of financial burdens from the accident, lack of income, and extraordinary medical bills.

Along the way, I prayed a rosary for him, for my son, for us.

I was a bit early on my way to pick up my granddaughter, so I stopped at a fast food restaurant to grab a cup of coffee. While there, I stopped in to use the restroom. From the corner of my eye, I noticed the rainbow striped ribbon laying on the countertop, but paid little attention to it. On my way out, curiosity got the better of me and I stepped in to take a closer look.

Turning the band over, were the simple words:


Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared at what I now knew was a bracelet. For several minutes, I stood there, fingering the bracelet, looking at the words and then finally realizing that message was meant for me.

I put the bracelet in my pocket and will keep it until God wants me to pass it on.

So many times in prayer, I have heard His words speaking to me heart that everything is going to be OK. That He is watching out for us. That He will take care of us. We are near the end of everything right now, but I have renewed faith that God will indeed, keep His promises.

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