God Spotting

Newspapers and television news programs peppered with shootings, wars, violence, domestic abuse, and economic stress.

Scandal seems to infuse our society.

In a world, such as ours, it isn’t always easy to spot God
Anger, road rage, irritation–is he here?


This week, I searched for him, around my town, while shopping, while working…..but I did not have to search that far………
he was there all along

I found him in my husband’s eyes as he suffered in pain but had compassion for me
he was with the two older ladies as they held hands and walked through the mall
in the tow-headed baby’s face as he held his fingers up to me
in the old man at church who made a point to ask about my husband’s health

He was in the waitresses eyes as she told us about her children and working her way through college as a single mother.

I saw him in our lawyer’s eyes as he finally understood our suffering

I saw him in the eyes of a friend, who is undergoing the deepest humiliation, yet made a point to bathe us in prayer and compassion.

And in the kindness of strangers who often understand more than anyone.

He lives in the affectionate eyes of our grandchildren
and in the warm breezes floating over our snow covered lawn.

He is there–we only have to open our own eyes.

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