Needing some R & R

The days of endless fog rolling billowing across my view, coupled with the grey skies, rain and the chill that rattles my core make me feel as if I am struggling for air below the surface of a semi frozen lake. Day after day of this and it is no wonder that I am searching for photographs of roses, palm trees, and brilliant sunshine. 

This is the most difficult aspect of emerging from winter…muddied, wet, and no sign of better days to come. 

It has been a long road and this winter seems to have captured the essence of the past 7 years in one long, terrifying darkness and I wonder if we will ever see the roses really bloom again. 

I think I need a retreat into a balmy paradise where Tiki huts blanket the white sandy shoreline of a tropical paradise. A canopy of palm trees fanning me as I lay on a soft white hammock, sounds of exotic birds lulling me to sleep and later waking to the aroma of magnolias. 

However, back in reality, we have melting snow, dark days and nights and a biting dampness that permeates the soul. 

Reminiscent through this journey is He who dove willingly into the darkness of sin and emerged brilliant as the sun for all of us, and it is He who gives me hope of a New Dawn and the faith to continue this path.

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