Imitating Mary: ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Mom…Book review and contest

Motherhood is comprised of many things, joy, trials, challenges, beauty, laughter, and often, sadness. In reading Marge Fenelon’s latest book, Imitating Mary-Ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Mom, she candidly shares her experiences as a mother and helps me understand that my seemingly ordinary role can be an extraordinary witness for the Kingdom of God.
My relationship with my mother was at times painful, but also very dear to me, and after her passing, I learned to rely on Our Blessed Mother to fill the ache that gnawed at my soul as I struggled with my own motherhood.  Marge’s book has made me realize that while the Blessed Mother is holy, I can related to her more, and so can mothers of all ages, who want to fulfill their vocation the best they can.
She chose ten virtues: patience, trust obedience, endurance, courage, strength, hope, faith and joy; and in common language, Marge combines each virtue with personal anecdotes (at times humorous), and Mary’s historical background to bring a newness to motherhood. Reading her book makes me want to become a holier mother. Each chapter concludes with reflection and exercises to assist you in your journey.
One passage particularly knocked me to my knees in prayer and found on page 7-8 in the first chapter.
“Try not to be discouraged in the beginning. These are uncharted territories for you and your relationship with God, and it’s normal to be afraid of the unknown; but rest assured that he who is all-knowing is waiting for you to come to him, to trust him with your greatest desires and deepest fears. And when you find yourself unable to pray the little prayer, “thy will be done,” try starting with something a little simpler like, “give me the grace to desire your will.”
With 30 years of marriage and four children under her belt, Marge speaks with much wisdom and experience, and hopes that others will be rejuvenated by their roles after reading her book.
“I hope that moms will find a new wisdom and enthusiasm for their mothering and that all who read this book will come to know our Blessed Mother so well, that they could actually sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea at the kitchen table with her “sitting” right cross from them,” said Marge. “She doesn’t say much, but she is a great listener!”
I highly recommend Imitating Mary: Ten Virtues for the Modern Mom, and so does Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who commented, “Marian virtues will come to life for you, and before you know it, you will be letting Mary spiritually mother you.”
I am so pleased that I was chosen to participate in the Blog Tour for Imitating Mary. Please look at the publisher’s page to order your own copy. This would be a great Mother’s Day gift!
Also, one lucky reader will win a copy of Imitating Mary from me. Please post a comment with your email address below and you will be entered in the contest that will end May 4.  Please remember to leave your email so I can contact you! 

Here is another chance to win a copy of Imitating Mary direct from  the publisher, Ave Maria Press:  

Do you know a mother who exemplifies Mary’s love and devotion? Nominate an extraordinary mother you know and/or yourself to be entered to win a FREE copy of Imitating Mary: Ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Mom by Marge Fenelon. Visit this link to enter.  

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