Out of the Greenhouse into the Son

Today, I peeked into my mini-greenhouses and noticed that my tomato, pepper and herb seeds are finally sprouting and am waiting until they grow large enough to remove the lids and then let them grow on their own. 

Tending to these tiny shoots made me think of my friend who is suffering deep abandonment and false accusations..his struggle is so very deep

 …..through prayer……..I received this message…….

For many weeks, there was a tender shoot, being formed by our Creator into a sturdy plant, able to withstand the wind, rain, and the few insects that came to nibble on its tiny leaves. While there were various weather patterns, the buds were safe inside the greenhouse from ravenous animals or outsiders wishing to destroy this beautiful plant. The gardener  cared for him and the young plant learned to trust.  

Similarly, the walls that surrounded this gentle follower of Christ, allowed his innocence to grow into perhaps a naiveté- life steeped in Holiness and listening to Jesus.

 He was free to grow in rose colored happiness. Those walls were there to shield him from harm of the outside world–and promised to keep him safe, as the Father protects the son. 

One day, the weather changed, it became so angry………and the young plant was thrust through the gate, the door slammed behind him. He clung to the wall, but the wind was so strong…….

The gentle plant was not meant to be left alone in the treacherous storm. 
Despite his screams, the wind forced his weak body to bash against craggy rocks, perhaps he would drown in the ocean…

After fruitless attempts, the young  plant realized that he was abandoned, left to wither and die. He lay still on the sand for a time, leaves shredded, gasping for breath………..he slept fitfully, nightmares of the storm pummeling from within. He cried for the gardener–where was he? Why was he left to die? 

It began to sink in……he was alone. 

Or so he thought.

There was something warm within, an ember of sorts and it sustained him for a bit

When the gardener finally had the courage to peer over the stone wall, he buried his head in his hands. How, he wondered, did that tiny plant survive? 

What the gardner could not understand was that the tiny plant, grew deep roots as he cared for fancier  and seemingly, more important plants. The leaves  of the frail plant became thick, shiny, and strong, resistant to all infestation.. The little plant hung on, drew its roots into the healthy, warm soil of those who offered respite…….the plant was much stronger than even he knew. He cried with fresh tears and realized that despite the efforts of the gardener, he was alive. 

He sits now, in safety–in the sunshine where the Son continues to strengthen, love and nourish him. He is surprised that despite his abandonment and suffering, he produces bountiful fruit to feed the multitudes. The tiny plant never knew God had such incredible plans for him–how could it be? he wondered. 

That he had to nearly die– to live?

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