Where is the support for the falsely accused?

When someone is accused of a monstrous act, an illegal crime, a slip of the tongue, a misunderstanding, what do we, as a Christian society do?

Bury our heads?
Be smugly glad it isn’t us?

For about a year, I have prayed, cried, watched, waited, written letters, made phone calls, and offered a shoulder to someone accused of a heinous act, something that supposedly happened decades ago.

With no credible reasons, this accuser seems to have won, gotten the payout, and ruined the reputation of someone who has only served his entire life for the betterment of others.

Those in authority of the accused have abandoned him, left him to wither and die as if he is less meaningful than an animal carcass littering the roadside-vultures hovering for their strip of maggot covered flesh.

 While many friends have been supportive, it seems they are tired and the numbers grow smaller by the day; or perhaps each are afraid they might also be guilty by association.

Perhaps they are too busy.

Perhaps they don’t care.

The thing is, at any moment, on any day, the tables could be turned. Perhaps one of them might be accused of something similar, or worse–and would they be audacious enough to expect different treatment?

Sorry to inform you–but, the blight travels like a cancer and cell by cell it is destroyed. If the body does not fight as a whole it risks being completely annihilated.

This body is all of us and if we don’t collectively stand up and acknowledge the wrongdoing to this individual, then each day will bring further destruction.

I have seen first hand the impact of lies. The impact of suggestion. The impact of abandonment and it is abhorrant. I am deeply ashamed with the behavior of those who know better, and yet not surprised to see it unfold. It appears that there are many Judas’s running around.

Why is it, we are so quick to believe lies and innuendos, but when it comes time to stand up and defend the truth–we run ever faster to our rabbit holes?

We are indeed living in evil times. I wish I had an answer, an encouraging word, a scripture quote today…….I don’t.

I am hollow and grieved and finding it difficult to pray.

Perhaps tomorrow…………

3 thoughts on “Where is the support for the falsely accused?

  1. You know one side to this story, and yet you write as if you saw with God's own eyes what really happen. In the past few decades I have found out that a favorite priest, teacher of mine from high school made sexual advances toward adolescent males at around the same time. I would have sworn that he could not have done such a thing, yet, in time, he admitted it.

    A priest friend was recently removed from ministry after an accusation about what was alleged to have occurred 25 years ago. After the first accusation, a second accuser also stepped forward. While I love and trust my friend, I cannot know what happened. I do know that his case was considered by people whose character and judgement I have no reason to suspect.

    It is indeed hard. Whatever happened 25 years ago, I pray for my friend, and for his accusers. Why? Because prayer is what I can do, especially during hard times. May God give you and the friend of whom you speak, courage and faithfulness in this time of trial for you both.


  2. Dear Anonymous–we have the same friend and I know in my heart and soul that he is innocent. I believe the second accuser was “found” to substantiate the first to make an “air-tight” case. There are many reasons that I believe this Holy man of God–have the courage to email me and I will tell you more. Thank you for writing. We share our prayer today for our friend and for the accuser to recant his statement.

    As an aside, I too, have had priest friends who were abusers and rightly punished. This man is not among those priests.


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