Gluten-free filled donuts–warning! Tasty post

Every now and then, you just feel left out. Left out of the world of yeasty artisan breads, chewy pizzas and cream filled donuts.

For the most part, my son Erin and I adapt quite well while living in our Celiac lifestyle, and I have learned to replicate nearly everything….except cream filled donuts.

Yes….before I get a hundred comments, I realize that they are not healthy, but sometimes, even the most vigilant person needs to splurge.

Erin has been bugging me for months to make him some donuts and for the life of me, I was unable to find a recipe that seemed as if it would work, but then…yes, I found a recipe- right here from Gluten-Free on a shoestring, Chocolate Cream-Filled Yeast Donuts.

Ungowa, as my Mom used to say when she found something especially rich and delicious. Yes mom, this was worthy of an “Ungowa”

So go ahead, check out my photos and then visit Nicole’s blog for the recipes——and yes, it is worth every second of your trouble, for they are just that good!

 And if you were wondering——-I ate three! I think I made up for 7 years without Duncan Donuts!

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