Random Thoughts

There is something inherently sacred about the early morning
A freshness. As if the dew has washed away the struggles and pain of the day before, allowing a cleanness of heart and soul to begin anew.

Windows cracked, I tune my ear to the birds greeting each other, happy for another day to search for their dinner, to fly and play

Our dog wakes, jumping to shower me with kisses, and seemingly joyful to see me.

The tomato plants have blossomed, where they hadn’t the day before–life goes on

Then the sounds of the morning commuters in the background, the aroma of freshly ground coffee, the stirrings of my son as he readies for work and my husband padding through the house in between sleep and unconsciousness.

This is time for me to ponder the day before and the one brushing against me

And the challenge..

…to be a better person today, than the one I was yesterday.

For a fleeting moment,  I wonder, is it the imminent surgery and the face to face with the possibility of death coming up, that causes me to ruminate more?


I seem to be running a tape from the beginning until today…..and cringing at my many mistakes, wondering how I survived the numerous heartaches,  suffering and judgement by others. It often plagues me during the night hours when the evil one attacks the silence. My heart has always meant well, but the delivery has lacked many times.

the dank view of night changes to a sweetness in the dawn hours; and I recall a scripture passage about Joy in the Morning and I feel it.

What does God see in me, I wonder?

I am a harsh judge of my own character, but God has the better seat in the theatre, and yes, He does have the advantage. For He knows my heart.

My thoughts run to the many phone calls, the emails, colleagues and Facebook friends who have become so dear to me, especially in the last few days, and I blush. How loving God is to offer me a sampling of His love and grace through the actions of others. I cannot doubt, not with the overwhelming outpouring…….and even without it, I still could not doubt.

Many have asked what we would do without our Faith.

Well, I would be dead already.

Thanks be to God for His most precious gift–Himself.

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