Giving or receiving?

Years ago, when friends would explain that when they volunteered, or gave of themselves in some way, they felt that they were receiving more than they gave. 

Honestly, I used to think they were nuts. 

Today my husband and I spent time with a friend who has undergone more torment and maligning in the past year, than a dozen people will experience in a lifetime. An innocent, holy and honorable man, suddenly tossed to the gutter, and treated as an outcast by those who should know better. 

When I first learned of the lies levied against him, I was despondent and cried nearly non-stop for days. It seemed that everything and anything reminded me of him and this unjust situation. It was difficult for me to function; and of course, in my own selfishness, I became sullen. 

One night, I couldn’t sleep because a new sense overpowered my ability to rest–anger! I got angry and mightily so;  trust me, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of my anger. 

My own heart broken, I reached out to offer anything. 
To help.

While it is my mission to right some unbelievable wrongs, to ensure they are never repeated and will do so until the end; primarily I just wanted to be there for support.

The friendship blossomed and in twelve months, this man has become one of my dearest friends and confidants, as close as a brother. We communicate nearly every day and have come to rely on each other for advice and direction.

Today, with tears in his eyes, he thanked me and said I helped him get through the dark days. 

He really has no idea.

And this is the part where you don’t realize if you are giving or receiving. 

Watching this man hold his head high, get out of bed each day, ride his bike, fight for justice, pray for those who have harmed him edifies me and my faith.

Despite everything, and the many Judas’ in his life, he has still managed to keep his faith and light in tact. 

Sure, there are tears and understandably so, as with death there are always tears.
But through this death, I see a man emerging stronger than ever. I see Christ beneath the flesh of a once broken man. 

John 12:24 states, Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

This death has created someone who is producing great fruit for the Kingdom of God, but true to his humble ways, he does not see the harvest. 

He is not broken, no, far from it. He is radiant in the love of Christ who has sustained him all these months and he faces adversity with integrity and an overwhelming faith that Christ will see him through. 

So, don’t thank me, D.  Thank you. Love you my friend!

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