The night before

Here I am, the night before and it seems so surreal.
Final tasks completed
phone calls with friends and family finished
work is caught up
goodbyes are said
Aside from an issue with the insurance company, I am at peace.

The prayers of others embrace and caress my soul.  I feel as if I am floating somewhere between earth and heaven; and it is enchanting.

There are many uncertainties as to what the surgery will entail and what the results will show: and of course, the questions that loom around all conversations, will this be the end?

It is difficult to think about such things, but we must always be prepared for that last day and live each day unashamed of our behavior. Being the best Christian we can possible be and being grateful for each breath, each moment, each kindness and blessing.

Regardless of the outcome, I am ready for all that God has in store for me. My mind and soul are at peace, thanks to a dear priest friend who heard my confession and blessed me with the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. The experience is incredibly healing and offers a transcendent and simultaneous presence of heaven and earth.

It will be a while before I write to you again.
Untill then, keep the faith and be kind to others.
Always Love.

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