What are the weeds in your life?

A friend phoned the other day and offered to do some weeding in our yard because I have been sick for most of the summer, and now I’m recovering from major surgery. At first I was shocked at her offer, and a bit embarrassed;  but later, extremely grateful for her wanting to tackle what seemed to me to be an insurmountable task.

Our yard is huge and most of it landscaped, so she promised to return this week to continue the clearing. Frankly, after the six hours of work she did last week, I am amazed she wants to wrestle the remaining vines, crabgrass, clover and other tenacious greenery that has nearly choked off most of my flowering plants and shrubs.

As I meandered between my bed and a comfy lawn chair that day, it became apparent to me, that the weeds represented much of the clutter that used to accompany mine and my husband’s lives. Under the warm sunshine, I ruminated on the past 7 plus years that we have struggled with his disability, my health issues, serious financial loss, the probable loss of our home; and the loss of the friends and family members who chose not to journey with us on this rocky road.

We have purged many belongings, savings, retirement accounts, collectibles, all expectations, and eliminated vacations, new clothes, new vehicles, and other desirable activities.

While portions of this process have been excruciating, especially now as a cataclysmic explosion looms in the foreground; we have much more room for Faith and Trust in Jesus. Yes, there are still moments of panic and tears, but without the clutter, we can see clearly for perhaps, the first time.

As Sandy cleared the weeds, leaving room for the flowers and plants to grow; I began to realize that our worldly clutter is also weeded and our faith now has room to grow. Along the journey, we have found true friends, true family and true relationships, and that is a treasure that money can never buy.

I would not say that I did not pray before, but perhaps I pray more now, and hopefully, more effectively. Rather than a list of “I wants,” my prayers are for others and for God’s will in our situation. If God chooses to rescue us from this immense trial, or whether He chooses for us to remain in this situation, it will still be good, for He is good and He resides within us and is Love, which is cord the binds our marriage.

Thanks be to God.

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