After the storm

Yesterday, 60 mph winds ripped through our area; lightening and torrential rain pummeled homes, knocked out power, and left trees and electrical lines in its wake.

It is calm today, slightly brighter, although the sun seems a bit embarrassed to shine after yesterday’s antics.

Upon clearing the debris from our yard, I witnessed a gift, a measure of understanding from God, something I hadn’t comprehended until now.

For weeks, the straw-like grass pierced bare feet like stepping on shards of glass; the ground, parched, and waterholes creviced and shrunken. The birds long gone after futile attempts to extract nourishment from our yard…..meandering thoughts were frightened for them. We left water, but it evaporated quickly as the searing air seemed to need it more.

It was after the cleanup, that I heard it. An unfamiliar sound, yet one I knew so well, and it made me smile. Hundreds of songbirds flitted about the grass, in the trees, and on our roof, seemingly reuniting in their chatter. Once again, nourishment was provided, but it took a hefty storm to turn it around.

Looking at yet another surgery this week, the ever changing landscape of our financial chess match, the calamities, postponements, disappointments and unfairness, I can see that this is just a storm. Sure, it is probably a Category 5 hurricane, but eventually, even hurricanes have to end.

In the monumental realm of things, this is but a short struggle. Many suffer much greater than we. And when the winds die down, the rain stops, and the sun peeks through the clouds, we will be fine.

Will we be the way we once were? Of course not, but God calls us all to change, to become great witnesses and examples to bring others to Heaven. While we will be worn and seasoned, perhaps it took this storm to bring us more in line with God’s plan.

Yes, there is a brokenness, and I would be lying to say there wasn’t, but I am coming to believe that we will be given the new wineskin to fill with premium wine. Without becoming broken….would I have known that there was something better?

I am reminded of Psalm 4: 6-8

Offer just sacrifices and trust in the Lord. 
Many say, “Oh, that we may see better times.”
O Lord, let the light of your countenance, shine upon us!
You put gladness into my heart, more than when grain and wine abound.”

And really, isn’t a moment in His presence, the best gift of all? I am comforted that during and after the storm, He is with us………and as I am writing, the sun is casting its rays through the leaves of the trees and into my heart.

Of course He is there………and His mercies endure forever. Thanks be to God

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