Upon her heart

In the middle of waging war against the medical bills and the insurance company, my phone rang. I saw the caller ID and my entire countenance smiled, for I knew it was my friend Kathryn. We are so similar in that we both shy away from using the phone because we enjoy the quieter side of life.

 Not sure why the love of chatter escaped me, for it was not unusual in my generation to find 30-foot phone cords stretched across the living room, bending through doorways and snaked under a closet door. For hours and hours, my siblings could chat and while I attempted a few marathon calls, I always preferred to talk in person or write on beautifully designed stationery.

So her call came as both a delight and surprise; for unlike any other time, she received a message from God so strong, that it compelled her to call me. Shaking and almost in tears, she told me how she raced home from an appointment to call me, and read the verse from her bible to me:  

For in hope we were saved. Now hope that sees for itself is not hope. for who hopes for what one sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait with endurances. 
Romans 8:24-25

She told me that this verse was packed with a lot of stuff! Indeed.  And after she called, I shared it with Blaise and he knew that she had heard from the Lord. Yes, there is much packed in this small beautifully wrapped passage, and aside from waging war with the bills, I have thought of little else all day. 
While we all struggle on this earth, we try the best we can to walk by faith and we hope in Christ who has saved us. But when we give it all to Him, we need hope no longer, for He has promised to bring us to our Heavenly Home and the suffering will be no more. For me, I must remember to keep close in Him, to trust, and to hold precious the quiet moments with Him. Despite the way it looks in our imperfect world, there is a perfect world that I would one day love to reside. His sweet countenance IS my Hope.
And my hope in Him, leads to deeper Faith. 
This passage now lives on our refrigerator and over the many days ahead, the Lord will reveal the depth of this message for me….but for now, I ruminate on this bountiful blessing. 
Thank you dear one for your faithfulness!

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