With a little help from our Guardian Angels and Archangels

If I were to ask my nearly 30-year-old daughter, she would remember. It was a prayer we memorized when she was just a wee toddler with blonde ringlets framing her azure eyes and rosy cheeks.
……..and she recited it perfectly.

Such a bright one she was, and still is–now with a baby of her own to nurture. It goes like this:

Angel of God, my guardian dear
to whom God’s love commits me here
Ever this day, be at my side
to light and guard, to rule and guide.

As we traversed through homeschooling, she became the teacher, helping the other four learn the prayer. At bedside each night, we all prayed to our guardian angels for protection.

The prayer seems to roll off my tongue evermore now; as with greater desire for union with Jesus, comes greater need for intercession from our heavenly friends.

Though yesterday, I confess, the culmination of the day required the big guns of St. Michael the Archangel.

I am an open book. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and will easily share intimate details of my life with nearly anyone who cares to know. In my wanderings, I have learned that we are all pretty much the same; we long to know we are cherished by God, have a purpose for our lives and desire heaven for our final destination.

When I allow a person to occupy space in my heart, I do so willingly and honestly, with the hopes that we will propel each other into a deeper spiritual life. My offers to share my gifts and talents are non-negotiable and I will do all I can to help another in need.

Granted, there are instances that my personal discernment is off. Yesterday was one of those days. With my guard down, I accepted a person into my life who was a bit questionable; but however roughly hewn she was, my hope was to ignite her spirit and quell the warning signs that were building in my soul.

While I listened to her and tried to help and trust her actions, in the end, it amounted to massive spiritual warfare erupting on many areas of my Facebook account, personal invasions through my home phone and attempts to wreak havoc in other areas of my life.

I had the right to get angry. I had the right to vindicate myself. I had the right to lash out and retaliate.

Instead, I made the choice to pray.

Enough has happened to me in my lifetime, that I am gratefully able to see spiritual warfare for what it was and once I prayed for her and to St. Michael, all of the turmoil that threatened to boil over, simmered and became still. For I know who I am and who my Father is–no harm can come to me with the Creator of the Universe on my side.

St. Michael the Archangel, 

defend us in battle. 

Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. 

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, 

and do thou, 

O Prince of the heavenly hosts, 

by the power of God, 

thrust into hell Satan, 

and all the evil spirits, 

who prowl about the world 

seeking the ruin of souls. Amen..
And a side note: a quick text to my daughter this morning confirmed what I already knew–she still remembered the Guardian Angel Prayer. Happy Feast Day of our Guardian Angels to you

6 thoughts on “With a little help from our Guardian Angels and Archangels

  1. May God place a hedge of protection around us that fight spiritual battles each day. Strengthen our guardian angels and help us put on the armor of God.


  2. What a beautiful post and reminder to call upon our invisible friends and protectors. Even though you dealt with great difficulties, you are so wise to call upon the Angels. I believe that the Angels protected you from further harm. I happen to have an Angel article in the National Catholic Register this week. In case you'd like to read it, it's here: http://www.ncregister.com/site/article/the-angels-are-our-invisible-friends/ I'm so excited about my upcoming book on the Angels too which is titled, “Angels for Kids.” I pray it inspires the kids and their families alike to a greater awareness of the Angels. God bless you and keep you, Karen!


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