Crucified with Christ

the accusations and lies bruised, gashed and tormented him
face worn; drawn; eyes recoiled from the pain

falsely accused, threads of scorn swirling about his head
Judas nearby, dipping his bread into the cup

knowing the outcome, and realizing that the cup cannot pass by, he reclines at the cross

the sideward glances, the whispers, the stories
where is the truth?

the accusers know
they have prepared the table
and forced their bitter food upon the ignorant
filling their bellies with mistrust, rumor, and deception

yet, still he stands, publicly scourged, an innocent man
the parallels are astounding

gentle, virtuous, servant, caring and Christ-like
scourged as He was, but not for our sins
scourged by the impotence of those who lie comfortably in their beds of fabrication

despite the appearance
they have not forced him into insignificance

as Jesus emerged from the empty tomb
he also has emerged, stronger, cloaked with his Father in Heaven

beneath the silvery swamp that used to weep, I see hope
no longer resolute
the hope of the resurrection springs forth

their hopes to destroy have failed
the stone rolled away and he has emerged, beaten but not destroyed
his strength Is The Lord and he witnessed this love while nailed to his own cross
for he was not abandoned in his time of need

he is learning his purpose
the reason for suffering
and his followers are many

he has yet to see the plethora of hearts he has touched
but he will
…. he has touched mine


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