Hollow, cold, frantic. 
Heart racing to nowhere, adrenaline pulsating, nearly exploding her brain. 
An unseen gag barricades her throat
breathing ragged
gasping for air, she searches for answers, for truth
… hidden beneath the coffer of lies
 isolation and abandonment are new confidants
ringlets of water caress her final breaths as she dissolves into the abyss
dark, forsaken, and pusillanimous
who can unlock the mystery? 
Where is the rescue?
She presses her face into the depths of the sand and allows the darkness to press into her soul
A sliver of light pierces the depths of the murky sea
a massive hand reaches towards her face
“Come to me. I will be your vindicator, your advocate.”
She weeps, and reaches towards the fingertips
Suddenly, she is lifted, transported into a brilliant light…and into the arms of the Savior. 
“It will be okay, I am with you.”
She melts into Him……….

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