Road Trip

Well, miss my posts?

A lot has been going on, most of it hasn’t been very nice, but today is a fantastic day.
My eldest daughter, Kelly Rose, gave birth to our 8th grandchild, Bonnie Grace. She is named after my late mother, Bonnie Rose and I can absolutely feel her smiling down from heaven.

The other news is also good and I hesitated to write anything about it until now in case some of the bad stuff stopped this from happening—but, the fact that I am tossing travel sized toiletries into a small suitcase is pretty much proof that this will happen.

I am going on a road trip!

Planned for about a year now, a couple of Catholic Writer friends and I are taking 8 days on sort of a pilgrimage.

We plan to journey down to Milledgeville, Georgia the home of gifted Catholic author, Flannery O’Connor. We will end up at Andalusia Farm where Flannery, born in 1925, moved with her mother and father. Her father died of Lupus, the same disease that would take Flannery in 1964. She enjoyed her simple life, going to Mass, writing for several hours a day and raising her prized peafowl.

Along the way, we plan to stop at the Abbey of Gesthemeni, attend Mass and explore the nearby Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, KY, where Thomas Merton (Fr. Louis) lived and wrote his autobiography The Seven Storey Mountain and other works   The Abbey of Gesthemeni

Also on our itinerary, besides doing a lot of eating is to spend the afternoon in the peaceful setting of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA. We will join the monks for night prayer and morning Mass.  And thanks to my friend Christina Novak, I learned that  because the Abbey of Gethsemane was overrun by aspirants after the publishing of The Seven Storey Mountain, the Trappists built this second monastery close to Atlanta. Flannery and her mother would retreat here; Flannery was a good friend with one of the monks; and her mother donated a pair of peafowl to the monastery at Flannery’s death.

I can’t promise to blog everyday, but it is my intention to check in now and then as I share about a week with Beth Dotson Brown, Roxane Salonen and Christina Novak. In any event, this trip is a much needed respite. 

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