Convergence to Andalusia: day 1

Christina and I met at the Brat Stop in Kenosha this morning around 9 am, and from there we traversed through Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. Traffic was not surprisingly at a standstill in Chicago, which added about a half hour to the trip. We also did not remember to accommodate for the time change in Indiana, but the time spent getting to know each other seemed to shorten the journey.

The rolling hills and foothills of the Appalachian Mountains welcomed us as we drove past Louisville Slugger Stadium, Cardinal Stadium and Churchill Downs.

All totaled, about six and a half hours and a gas tank later, we met up with Beth and Roxane where we shared a delightful dinner, courtesy of Beth’s gourmet cooking. After dishes, we meandered through the Streets of Springfield and settled upon a kitschy karaoke bar, where we drank wine and listened to off key singers plod through tunes such as “Stand by Me,” and “Wild Thing.”

This weary traveler will continue the story tomorrow.

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