Most rewarding vocation

Of all that I have done and of all that I have attempted to create myself to be, the greatest in me has been in being a mother. Of course, none of this is a reflection of me, but of God’s grace and the five beautiful children who emerged from my womb. Few of the nine months that I carried each child were easy, but all were delightful because, along with another beating heart, I carried with me the next generation; and the knowledge that a piece of my lineage traveled through their DNA and theirs into mine, was overwhelmingly awe inspiring.

With each rosy-cheeked face that entered the world, came their unique personalities and the grace to watch over each of them. I remember the joy and enormous love that accompanied nursing these downy-haired babies, knowing that my body continued to nourish them as the months passed into years; and the gift of learning to nurture passed from my mother and hers before. No other word is as fitting to describe the mothering lineage than miracle–for quite simply, it is.

I enjoyed each aspect of mothering and viewed it as the most important vocation in the world and still do. And now, as I see all of them grown and most with families of their own, I am filled with a sense of awe and wonder at this ongoing passing of the baton to my sons and daughters.

A bit melancholy today, as it marks the 27th birthday of my beautiful dimpled-faced Molly Kathleen. She came into  the world as such a gift, a gift that I wanted desperately and was so happy to have. She and I shared a lovely bond as she grew into a woman and it pleases me to know that she a mother and a writer like me. Though she lives far away and I am unable to witness the gift of love bestowed on her boys, Max and Rowen, I know that the same love that was given to me and me to her, is now passed on to them and they will in turn pass it on one day to their offspring.  The tears flow as I sit typing at the keys and I wonder where the time traveled to, for it is an elusive foe–taking its time for miracles and passing too quickly for my age and the age of my children-and the selfish part of me wishes I could have kept them small and needing me. What mother doesn’t?

So, on this 27th year of your birth, I wish you a very happy and blessed birthday, Molly Kathleen and know that somewhere out there in this big world, your mother loves you very much….the love has only grown deeper.

2 thoughts on “Most rewarding vocation

  1. “the love has grown deeper” – there really is no bottom or ending when it comes to a mother’s love – you are so right. What a sweet looking woman your daughter is – she looks like you! prayers for healing and that one day you can share special days together again. beautiful piece, Karen. so loving.


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